About Us


The International teaching and language center is established to promote and enhance the planning and development of teaching English as a Second Language to enhance the language proficiency while creating an atmosphere which will widen the global and cultural perspective of teachers, staff of the university, students, and overall language enthusiasts to strengthen foreign language instruction.  Shu Te University offers university-wide language learning courses including Freshman English for Non-English Majors and various elective courses for students who are non-English majors.  Numerous events, competitions, speeches, guest speakers, and testing are offered to all students throughout the semester.


The Center’s organization:

First.  The director is assigned and entrusted to lead the Center’s overall growth and success.   The chairperson assists in overlooking and assisting the faculty members and other staff members to plan, coordinate, and carry out the goals of the Center.  The term of office is three years after which an evaluation will determine the continuation of the chairperson’s tenure.

Second.  There are four modules including Foreign Language Teaching Methodology, Chinese Language Teaching Methodology, Language Certification courses, and Bilingual Language courses.  A leader oversees his or her designated division and reports all progress and situations to the chairperson.


Each group is as follows:

First.  The Foreign Language Teaching Methodology Division: responsible for the university-wide foreign language curriculum planning and teaching.

Second.  The Chinese Teaching Methodology Division: responsible for the university-wide Chinese curriculum planning and teaching.

Third.  The Language Certification Division: responsible for Chinese and Foreign Language related certification preparation and examinations.

Fourth.  The Bilingual Language Division: responsible for the planning, promotion, and implementation of bilingual courses and credits to offer degrees and certificates for students.


The center’s division of work is as follows:

First.  Handles Shu Te University’s Chinese course planning, curriculum development and coordination, and teaching.  Provide instruction in practical use of modern foreign languages to prepare students for the modern global workplace.

Second.   Counseling services to students in deciding the selection of language courses and language related elective courses.  Students are encouraged to take various courses to undergo training in modern foreign languages and other related areas of international studies.

Third.    Counseling services to students in achieving testing scores and Certificates.

Fourth.   Preparation and publication of language-related teaching materials, as well as the development of various language teaching software.

Fifth.   Establishment of additional language learning courses as needed in the modern workplace to provide up to date information for students.    Additional language proficiency training is frequently identified and new courses are opened to provide up to date information.

Sixth.   To improve the accessibility of Shu Te University’s website to international students and faculty.  The goal is to maintain and cultivate a group of highly proficient linguists and language experts for future generations.

Seventh.  To coordinate and lead Taiwan’s national universities to be up to date in the needs of students in international language education.  The goal is to develop and foster capacity and performance in international languages and language teaching.

Eighth.  To integrate borderless education utilizing resources within and outside the university.

Ninth.  Additional goals and future prospects.